Frequently asked Questions
Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

A compilation of resources to get started with Crewscale. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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About Crewscale

How are we different?

We're more selective, quicker in providing you talent, and assess talent exactly as per your requirements. Also, we are much cheaper.

Where is our talent located?



What is the screening process?

We curate our talent through our native tech assessment platform called Talscale. The assessment is a four-step process, to maximize selectivity.

What is a project-based assessment? (Insert page)

Project-based assessments or take home assignments evaluate candidates on the basis of a given project. These projects are created to determine the job-suitability of candidates by evaluating them on tasks that they would face when on an actual job. Project-based assessments are comprehensive, and can help quantify many parameters which are otherwise abstract, and are not effectively evaluated by traditional hiring approaches. - Problem solving skills - Domain specific knowledge - Contextual understanding Project based assessments not only ensure that you are matched with the best of talent, but the most relevant one too.

Can we interview before hiring your engineers?

As a part of our screening process, our interview experts conduct technical interviews with our talent, as well as a paired coding interview. We also record the technical interview for you to review. You can always interview them yourself further for culture fit or ask any specific questions you have.

How does our matching process work?

We run a thorough matching process every time you share your requirements and share the profiles of the shortlisted engineers for you to choose from.


Hiring talent

How to hire talent with Crewscale?

Crewscale aims to make hiring seamless. We provide you engineers as per your exact requirements, who work for you as your own team members. See how.

For what duration can I hire talent?

You can hire remote engineers for any period as per requirement, although we encourage both clients and engineers to pick long term, full time work engagement.


What roles can Crewscale fill?

We support everything in tech. We can connect you with the top tech talent for almost every role - our talent community includes web developers, app developers, technical architects, project and product managers, data scientists, and analysts. Roles like blockchain experts are also supported on demand.

You can find more about it here.

Will the engineers work for you full time?

Yes, we prefer our developers to fully commit to one project at a time and give it their best. Unless the client specifically requests otherwise, all our developers work with a single client at any given time. We encourage our clients to choose full-time developers too unless their requirements are otherwise.

What is a risk-free trial?

Once you choose a remote engineer to work with, we offer a trial period of two weeks. This is considered risk-free, meaning, we will bill you for the time and continue your engagement with the engineer. If you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t be billed. We can provide you with another engineer who may be a better fit, beginning a second, no-risk trial.


Why Crewscale

What’s Crewscale all about?

Crewscale connects the top 1% of the tech talent with the tech companies across the globe. We have a community of over 50000 developers and more than 100 companies as our partners from more than 20 countries. We are proud to portray ourselves as a one-stop solution for remote talent who facilitate end-to-end talent acquisition.

Where are we located?

Crewscale is headquartered in Bay Area, Fremont with offices in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Our talent network is spread across more than 15 countries and we are constantly expanding by providing opportunities to top talent across the globe.

How’s Crewscale different from other platforms?

As a remote worker/freelancer how many times have you been frustrated at the cumbersome process to land a good job?. We make the process quick and smooth for both clients and candidates. With an end-to-end talent management platform, we assure you are placed at the company in just two weeks!


Our hiring process

How does your hiring process work?

Once you sign up using your email or Linkedin, we will collect your basic details like Name, Experience, Skill Set, Geography and available working hours. Post that we will send out an assignment according to your tech stack. Once you clear the assignment, we will onboard you onto our platform and start matching you with relevant opportunities

Do you pay for taking up the assessment?

Unfortunately, as we receive a large influx of interested candidates, it will not be possible for us to pay the candidates for completing their assignment

Can I retake the assignment in case I don't clear it the first time?

Yes, we do offer candidates another opportunity to take the assignment. In case the candidate fails to clear it after that as well, there is a 3 month cool off period

What’s the vetting process like at Crewscale?

We have a 4-step vetting process for every developer to be job-ready:

  1. Initial screening of the developers.
  2. An in-depth skill review
  3. Live technical interview with the experts
  4. Domain-specific project based assessment



Is it compulsory to register on Crewscale?

Yes, it is.

Unlike, traditional job boards where you can access open jobs on the website, we invite you to be a part of our developer community where you will be onboarded and considered for an opportunity best suited for you.

Why can’t I log in to my account?

If you have already signed up with us on the platform and filled your profile, you will have an update from our team post verifying your details. Only those who registered on the platform can log in and access your profile. Kindly check your credentials and try again. You can always reset your password in case you forget it.

How long does it take to approve a profile?

We take the quality of our developers very seriously. Once you finish your application along with the test, we will approve your profile within 72 hours based on your performance and experience

Do I have to sign any binding contracts?

For approving your application, we don’t enforce any contract. However, for you to start working with any client, there might be a few mandatory agreements like NDA and Statement of Work



What if I don’t complete my onboarding process?

It is very important for every developer to complete the onboarding process after you sign up on the website. The details you provide us help us to match your profile to the opportunities along the way.

Note: A fully completed profile will increase your chances of landing into the open jobs sooner.

I have finished my application. What next?

We will match you with relevant opportunities based on your expertise and skill set.


Opportunities at Crewscale

What type of companies are associated with Crewscale?

As we accept only the top 1% of applicants, many top companies in the world compete for our talent. We have funded startups, unicorns, decacorns and global companies offering long term remote opportunities. Some of our clients include Capillary, Grab, Samsung, Uber, Ola, Swiggy, Livspace, Turvo, MPL, and Polymorph.

What are the benefits of working with Crewscale?

A few biggest benefits of working with Crewscale are

  1. Be a part of brilliant minds in our diverse and growing developer community
  2. Chance to work for companies across the globe irrespective of where you are located
  3. Opportunity to change jobs if you wish to
  4. Timely release of payments weekly/monthly
  5. Great work flexibility to manage your work-life balance better

I have submitted my details within the platform. What next?

Awesome! You have taken a big step towards the plethora of opportunities with Crewscale. Our team will take a look at your details and give you an onboarding confirmation very soon!

How long does the hiring process take?

We typically place a new developer with a client in 0-2 weeks! However, as most of our developers are pre-assessed, they are remote-ready to take up opportunities as soon as they arise.

What are the different roles offered at Crewscale?

First things first, we are predominantly a tech company and fill purely tech positions across the hierarchy. Some of the prominent roles we fill are from Software engineers, software architects, Android/IOS developers to UI/UX designers, product leads.

What is the compensation range for developers?

Our starting range from $30 to $200 per hour depending based on experience and skill level.

What roles can we fill 🔽
What roles can we fill 🔽

Working with Crewscale

What is the payment frequency and mode of payment?

The payments for your projects will be released every month. Regarding the mode of payment, we have partnered with leading international money transfer companies and the money shall be remitted directly to your bank account.

Will you deduct the amount for the sake of paying taxes on my behalf?

No, you are entirely responsible for paying your taxes depending on the tax regulations & policies of your country.

How many hours am I supposed to work?

That is entirely up to you! We will connect you with clients that match your availability. We encourage flexibility in working hours and you are free to choose your time based on your productivity levels.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes, there will be bonuses that will be associated with your performance.

What is the leave policy at Crewscale?

It depends on the client. However, we ask clients to have weekends off and provide a minimum of 12 paid holidays each year

Can I work on a part time gig while having my full-time job elsewhere?


As long as your work efficiency isn’t marred on the client-side.

What happens if my contract is terminated?

Your contract may be terminated for various reasons from performance lapse to some unethical issues that are against the work conduct of the client. However, we will try our best to resolve issues and pay your dues for the work completed.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy